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We are dedicated to helping you legally protect your work with the U.S. Copyright Office in a quick and cost effective manner. Our fee is only $119.00 including the required $35.00 filing fee administered by the U.S Copyright Office. The average lawyer would charge over $800.00 for the same service. Don't be fooled by other companies that only do half the work and expect you to complete the process and potentially risking the rights to your work. We complete the entire copyright process for you, from beginning to end and have been doing it for years!

$119.00 Complete Legal Copyright Service Including Filing Fee

If your work is not filed with the Federal U.S Copyright Office, it is not legally protected and you are risking the rights to your work. Your work is too valuable to risk!


Your Complete Copyright
Services Includes...

Full customer support
Easy Online Submission
Complete Document Preparation with
Professional Review
Upload your work directly to us on our secure server (or e-mail us your work or send via standard mail)
Completion within 3 business days from the time we receive your work - priority service available
Digital Submission to the U.S. Copyright Office
We pay the filing fee to the U.S. Copyright Office
We act as your liaison with the U.S Copyright Office.
We provide you with an official Service Request Number issued from the U.S. Copyright Office as official confirmation that your work is legally copyrighted, containing your effective registration date.

We Can Help You Copyright Your...

Literary works such as books, manuscripts,
online work, poetry and other text
Websites - including the graphics and text
Computer Programs
Music - including the lyrics and sound recording
Pictures & Paintings
Architectural Drawings
Motion Pictures - including the script and the dramatic work
Creative Logos
And More! - Click here for an expanded list. You can also contact us and we will tell you if it is copyrightable!

Priority service available for an additional $15.00 shortening the proceesing time to 1-2 business days.
Standard turnaround time is 2-3 business days.